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10 Weeks

Masters Degree
Includes Puppy Preschool 

Pick Up Puppy
18 Weeks

What A Trained Puppy Means For You

Master's Degree
This program includes AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Preschool. Following Preschool, your puppy will begin an intense 4-week Master’s Distractions training program with Sit Means Sit Dog Training professional trainers. 
Your puppy will be training inside and outside our training facility. This will help advance your puppy’s attention with distractions. After training, an in-person lesson is required at the time of pick-up with one of Sit Means Sit's professional trainers. For the average golden retriever, the puppy realizes they are being trained between 10-12 weeks old, making an enormous difference in their training. This reinforces all the commands throughout the puppy's life, even around distractions.


You Will Receive All Training Equipment 

  • Mountain Dog Slip lead (lifetime warranty)

  • SMS remote collar (lifetime warranty)

  • SMS Training Place Cot

  • Lifetime of Training Support (Text, Call, and/or Video Chat).


Basic Obedience Training Goals
1. Sit with distraction - consistently responding to the verbal command “sit”
2. Place with distraction - to go to a designed “place” (a Sit Means Sit cot)
and stay there
3. Down with distraction - consistently responding to the verbal command
4. Come with distraction - to obey a normal tone recall command from a
5. Off - consistently responding to the verbal command and not jumping on
items such as furniture, people, or countertops
6. Leave it - to obey the command and leave things alone
7. Door Boundaries - to understand waiting at a doorway until being invited
to pass through
8. “Heel” - understanding to walk nicely on a leash without pulling when
distractions are present


Socialization Goals
1. Stranger Trained - puppy will be used to being handled by multiple
2. Vet Trained - be able to walk into a vet office without incident
3. Grooming Trained - becoming comfortable with grooming procedures, nail
clippings, baths, and blow drying
4. Cat Trained - puppy will be introduced to our resident cats
5. Noise Trained - Puppy will continue being introduced to low, moderate,
and loud noises.


Confidence Building Goals
1. Agility Equipment - building puppy’s confidence levels using state-of-art
agility equipment.
2. Stair Trained - going up and down stairs at a normal pace.


House Trained Goals
1. Chew trained - puppy will learn to respond to verbal command and
shouldn’t chew on inappropriate items while in the presence of people.
2. Bite trained - puppy will not bite on hands.

At 16 weeks, your puppy has received all puppy vaccines including rabies, distemper, parvo, leptospirosis, canine influenza, and bordetella.

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